Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A walk to remember

This part of my life is called walking.
Legs, meticulously keeping up the panting pace;
Hands, occasionally brushing my heroic hair;
Eyes, nonchalantly working on some beautiful birds;
Ears, deeply engaged in teasing tunes;
Lips, stubbornly uttering the lustful lyrics;
Nose, intently sniffing the fragrance of fresh flowers;
Heart, magnanimously feeling for the special someone.
This part of my life is called walking.

My First one..

In my first blog, I am writing about my passion - Music.. And music not in general but abt a person who revolutionized Indian music in the last 20 years.. My first post is dedicated to Sir A.R. Rahman! I wrote this just the day before he got the oscars.

A Mozart From Madras

The connections you scored, made me realise how precious free hugs were.
The One Love you spread, made me wonder about the one of the seven.
The Luka chupi you composed, made my eyes roll out tears for our heroes.
When you Prayed for our Brothers, I prayed for you.
When you played the Lathika's theme, I became a melody millionaire.
When you were holding the Golden Globe, I was jumping on its Asia's peninsula.
Salutes to you Sir Alla Rakka Rahman

P.S : Connections was an album which was made for world peace. One love was made for our Taj mahal, if you reshuffle "wonder about one of the seven" you get one of the seven wonders… Luka chupi is a well known song from RDB.. Again pray for me brothers was also made for world peace. Lathika theme is a musical in slumdog millionaire. And I don’t think I need to elaborate on golden globe.