Wednesday, January 6, 2010

To hell with the "AAL IZZ WELL" syndrome

Firstly, thank god! the movie was not released a few years back hundreds have escaped near death experiences, and god only knows what will happen in the future because of these 3 words. This post is purely cynical and over exaggerated but the motive remains as to hell with "aal izz well"

Scene 1 - On MG Road of any city <movie playing at 1/2 X speed>

A happy man crossing the road with an adidas cover in one hand and an unpacked mac book pro in another, sees towards his left and proceeds. Half way down the road, sees his right and a speeding truck braking from 60kmph just 10 mtrs away. I cudn believe my eyes, he threw the mac book down calmly to clear his right hand, closed his eyes and tapped his right hand in his left chest and murmurs "aal izz well aal izz well" in the exact accent in the movie. Sorry buddy. goodnight RIP. Net losses mastercard way, mac book pro ~ Rs 60000 adidas goods ~ Rs 5000, LIFE ~ PRICELESS!! Grow up loser!

Scene 2 - A couple @ barista sitting opposite to each other, looking at the ground, silent for 20 mins.
Girl : I ve been wanting to tell you something for a long time, don't know how to start.
Dude : (Still looking at the ground.. changes his posture to placing his face on his hand and continuing to look at the ground..)
Girl : Atleast look at me while i am talking!
Dude : (no change)
Girl :  This has been a very important decision in my life, and it was one of the hardest. But i have to do it today. 
Dude : (inert)
Girl :  I am breaking up with you.
Meanwhile, she hears some murmurs from somewhere getting louder every second
Girl : (She turns back just to realise that they were the only ones in the coffee shop) Is that you?
Murmurs getting louder "aal izz well aal izz well"
Dude : (releases his locked right hand, raises his face, eyes still closed, pats on his chest) aal izz well aal izz well (continuously until the girl walks out of sight)

(Rewinding 10 mins, camera moves under the table.. Right from the first dialogue, our hero murmuring "aal izz well")

In scene 1, the guy would never ever listen to the song "aal izz well" in his life again and in scene 2 our dude might end up being single all his life.

    What went wrong? It's just that "aal izz well" in those situations were purely artificial. When u have problems, do what comes naturally to you and all would turn out to be well. For all we know the guy on the road might have had good reflexes which would have saved him from the accident. And for all we know, our dude could have been a Casanova! and these 3 words made him a cry baby!

    If "aal izz well" comes naturally to you go ahead! If it doesn't "something's terribly wrong" would work better! The reason is logical, If you tell yourself all is well you don't find solutions to your problems but if you say something is wrong, you will find solutions which will ultimately solve your problem.

FINAL WORDS - To hell with aal izz well syndrome!


  1. Hmm...Writing this because Chatur Lingam is entirely screwed up in the movie and nothing iz well with him.