Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mathematical Psychology

It all started with a boring day at work, I was doing some differentiation of a time history data which some tractor collected in some corner of the world. Something bizarre struck me, I was tempted to leave it aside and continue with my work but I dint want to miss an opportunity to derive an obscure thing mathematically, So I indulged in it.

So here is a guy or a girl – Y who tends to infinitesimally change with his/her partner’s  (X’s)  interests though he/she doesn’t have a great affinity for it.

Y =  dY/dX

dY/Y = dX

Integrating on both sides,

Log Y = X + C

Y = e^(X+C)

Y = e^C * e^X

Y = C * e^X (e^C = C)

Essentially, Y = e^X

If we quantify the interest of X as a whole number, then the interest of Y increases exponentially!

Theorem - A person who starts to change infinitesimally according to his/her partner’s likings is bound to suffer greatly!

Imagine a person who hates Himesh, starts liking his songs just for the sake of his/her partner is bound to suffer the aftermath exponentially till the relationship exists. This is true with anything else, like TV shows, music, trekking, food, movies, type of coffee, choice of shoes, friends etc.

Finally, this will lead to an end of the relationship, as the suffering cannot go on forever. So, Instead of changing infinitesimally try to be assertive; you might not only save yourself from humungous torments but also have a peaceful life.

You might not believe this, but who believed in Einstein’s theories  before it was in equations?


  1. Now in this theory u assume that Y is already a function of X, which means Y is dependent on X, Also Y itself is defined as a change in itself w.r.t the infinitesimal change of X. Now Y might even be more dependent on X (what if Y=e^2X in the first place)
    Your theory or your conclusion is an assumption on which it was based or they both refute each other. Think about it.
    Nice out of the box crude thinking BTW :)

  2. If Y and X are independent, then there is no 'relationship' between them. So its understood that Y & X are interdependent. In any relationship, a small change in X would trigger a lot of reaction from Y, Hence the infinitesimal change justified too. I am convinced about the theorems, Just expecting a few corollaries to this..

  3. I feel when X does not have a Y then X gets such thots against all the XY s he sees around :P cool one geebs .. history states that one who states a theorem wud hav experienced its aftermath .. so if u r the X ur interests have already been taken away .. my expl s gettin a lil technically irritatin for myself :P

  4. @Kau-ROFL!..
    @Geebs- Simply genius :P .. Just kidding :P .. Was funny though.But i wud appreciate if u cud site egs from ur personal life it wud be great supposing kaus corallary to b tru..
    I feel if X is male and Y is female's interests ur theory mite get disproved in sum cases!!..U must b knowing dat ;)

  5. I see you have you have denied me all credit. Fine then...


  6. @Gudur: I have given u credits.. Dint u read the last line?

  7. Woah geebs nice one!!...So per your theorem Y changes exponentially for X but wat if Y and X becomes interchanged and then X also will change for Y. So both will be changing for each other and hence will become totally different persons from where they began. Hence no more X and Y will be dependant...uff...tried too hard to come up with tihs corollary... ;)

    P.S: Kau sema comedy sir neenga

  8. Thanks. My ginormous ego has been sated :)